QUASAR catamaran| 

flumen workshop

during my fourth year studies, I had a workshop with italian yacht designer Alessio Liuni and lithuanian designer Sarunas Slektavicius. our main goal was to create a riverboat which blends design with the practical and economic aspects. during the workshop, I was introduced with design drawing methods, technical drawings, and terminology


this, 19,2 meters LOA and 8,1 meters beam max power catamaran is designed for comfortably 32 people (besides the crew) travel inside and outside


QUASAR is a catamaran watercraft, deriving its stability from its wide beam. the two hulls catamaran also have a smaller hydrodynamic resistance. the catamaran's  wider stance on the water can reduce both heeling and wave-induced motion


QUASAR is a walk-around catamaran, so it‘s perfect for good weather conditions – allows passengers to spend more time outdoors. during the trip, passengers can enjoy the sunbath in a front deck or relax on the aft deck area. the hull and superstructure are made of aluminum. the roof beams are coated with stained glass, which makes the trip even more pleasant inside – passengers can enjoy a wide panoramic view, and it protects the inside area from direct sunlight. also, people can enjoy a relaxing time during the trip, because of folding sports seats


this catamaran cuts through the water with stability and control, even while going at high speed. QUASAR is a perfect combination of a sport catamaran with the comforts of the luxury catamaran




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