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austeja platukyte is a creative researcher working in between the disciplines of material design and science, technology, and craft. her creative solutions are systematically linked to the theme of organic matter and materials transformation into other forms, introducing new social, cultural, economic, and psychological context into her creative process. austeja explores the fundamental ecological problems, emphasizing subjective emotional involvement, and questioning the values of an anthropocentric society. departing from the aesthetic, formal, and functional definitions austeja seeks to discover alternative design methods that will resist the logic of universality, functionality, and overall beauty dictated by large-scale design industry


during her ongoing research of hybrid and living materials she seeks to rethink the relationship between humans and nature, questioning today’s scientific information, and speculate the material futures. in her artistic practice she examines nature-oriented materiality and designs the relationship between grown and made. based on the idea of symbiomimicry, in which learning from nature does not seek to benefit the humanity, but promotes full interaction between different organisms, the possibility of living in harmony with all life on the planet is presented through symbiotic design objects


austeja is available for freelance projects, collaborations, workshops, and internships in the field of material research and design. feel free to contact her with any questions you may have



2018 - present | vilnius academy of arts | ph.d. of design

2016 - 2018 | vilnius academy of arts | master of design

2012 - 2016 | vilnius academy of arts | bachelor of design

2003 - 2011 | national m. k. ciurlionis school of art | design



04 2023 - present | seaweed foam | founder & owner

05 2022 - present | biomaterials library | founder & material scout

05 2017 - present | creative researcher and materials designer

06 2021 - 04 2023 | vilnius academy of arts | entrepreneur

09 2022 - 01 2023 | vilnius academy of arts | biomaterials design lecturer

09 2021 - 01 2022 | vilnius academy of arts | biomaterials design lecturer

04 2021 - 07 2021 | ktu design centre | junior researcher

09 2020 - 01 2021 | vilnius academy of arts | design lecturer

06 2019 - 10 2020 | eko namai | materials and design researcher

04 2019 - 05 2019 | gengdan institute of beijing university of technology | visiting design lecturer

10 2017 - 01 2018 | vilnius academy of arts | design lecturer

08 2017 - 01 2018 | do architects | product designer

07 2015 - 08 2015 | do architects | design intern



07 2021 - 08 2021 | TUO TUO, joutsa, finland

09 2020 - 10 2020 | montemero art residency, san juan de los terreros, almeria, spain

09 2018 - 12 2018 | softLab residency and scholarship program at sliperiet umeå university, umeå, sweden


project manager - applied arts 2023-1: “biomaterials library”

project manager - cultural and creative industries: cultural startups 2023-1: "publicization, introduction to market and popularization of biodegradable packaging made from algae-based material in lithuania and abroad"

researcher-entrepreneur: "encouraging the activity of competence centers: entrepreneurship program of the vilnius academy of arts. project no. 01.2.2-CPVA-K-703-04-0002", 2021 

junior researcher: "circular design tools for creating sustainable products and services - ŽIEDIS, no. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-03-0104", 2021

participant representing the partner-institution: "nordplus Horizontal 2021, ALGAE FOR DESIGN-LED TRANSITION TOWARDS BLUE BIO-ECONOMY (NPHZ-2021/10032)", 2021 

materials and design researcher: R&D implementation measure no. J05-LVPA-K "intelligence. ioint scientific-business projects, project no. J05-LVPA-K-03-0040", 2018



EU MISSION “RESTORE OUR OCEAN & WATERS BY 2030”: the baltic north sea lighthouse in action 

environmental event "INTERESTING ECOLOGY"


international symposium: (BUILDING) NEW PERSPECTIVES through practice-led research in art, design and architecture hosted by the Institute of contemporary art, design and architecture (LMDA) - design for symbiocene. hybrid materials and symbiotic objects - in between the grown and made

design for adaptation: CUMULUS DETROIT 2022 conference on paper session: design for symbiocene. hybrid materials and symbiotic objects - in between the grown and made

vilnius academy of arts - phd of art?! vitamins for PHD and DA for artists, designers and architects

e. geppert academy of art and design - research methods in visual art symposium

lithuanian young scientists union (LJMS) - climate talks: green buildings 

the FACHPACK 2021 forum PACKBOX - new directions in sustainable packaging design

the XVIIIth discussion forum waste management 2021

2021 IEEE ICTE leading digital transformation in business and society

the XIVth discussion forum waste management 2017



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