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austeja platukyte
austeja platukyte
austeja platukyte
austeja platukyte

branch & layers

material design. experimental development of cellulose materials

in this research I seek to experiment not only with the material but explore the ways of easy and priceless construction principles. after my research walk into the forest I found that the fallen tree branches could work perfectly as a main object construction. the branches are natural and biodegradable, I can found a lot of them just laying down in a forest near my home, and they contains a lot of cellulose which is the main focus material of my research

the branch & layers object is made of only cellulosic materials and a cord set while balancing the func- tional versus the non-functional. the object is shaped by hands while creating 3 layers of different cellulose materials: 


1st layer is a main construction which is made of natural tree branch; 


2nd layer gives a unique characteristics for the object and it's made of recycled cellulose fiber mass; 


3rd layer is made of cellulose-based bioplastic which makes the objects waterproof and protects it against possible damage, but still, keep it organic and biodegradable;

photos © Norbert Tukaj

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