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austeja platukyte
austeja platukyte


this concept shows the process of dematerialization of the design object, where the object is no longer the same material


I decided to use my first study course project OZKA|GOAT STOOL for this concept to make a dematerialization of the object. counter stool OZKA reflects the simplicity and temporary seating concept. this stool is inspired by a simple construction. it expands and reinterprets the previous descriptions and forms of a classical trestle and also the GOAT animal



dematerialization of the object – means the idea, where the object is no longer material, also it means to lose physical substance, become immaterial, to convert or lose the material character. 

my object name is GOAT STOOL, so I decided to show dematerialization through the cultural and old lithuanian (pagans) traditions. I made the process of GOAT STOOL dematerialization like a celebration and it was based on an Equinox Day festival traditions when the day time is equal with the night time. in this day people welcomed the harvest, give thanks to god Zemininkas and sacrificed animals for him, like the calf and heifer, ram and sheep, a couple of goats (she and he), hog and pig, rooster and chicken, goose and geese. they were all killed and sacrificed to God, spoken pray


especially often, lithuanians sacrificed only goat animal for God. the goat was considered as a symbol of fertility. this tradition has been reborn since 1990. but, instead of real animals sacrificed to the god, the ministry of culture organizes festival when they symbolically burn the huge straw goat


GOAT stool, which was dematerialized and lost its material characters, become a new material through the artistic practices


now I speculative the question - is it still a GOAT stool, maybe just in a different substace (not functional) or it become something new?


I collected all the ashes of burned down object to show how design can become an art

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