PLASTEX | black matter


experimental research of cellulose-based materials 

the project was created during the FabLab artist residency and scholarship program at sliperiet, research and innovation center at umeå art campus, sweden



the black matter is a chemical substance of cellulose-based materials I created during my experimental textile waste recycling and material research project at sliperiet, umeå university. the material is made of cellulose-based bioplastic mixed together with charcoal which I harvested in a local surrounding and made a powder out of it. the material mixture was applied on a natural hemp fabric, shaped into the object and left to dry, while the fabric still transforms and creates solid objects from soft textile. in this research, I speculated the future possibility of using only natural materials to create contemporary design objects, instead of using mixed or synthetic ones, which are harmful to our environment. in this experimental practice, I joined the technological and artistic parts together into the well-balanced synergy between different disciplines and various physical substances to show the successful collaboration between science and art. I had experimented with different technological properties of using cellulose-based bioplastic and various local harvested organic ingredients through hands-on and intuitive knowledge methods. during my experimental process, I let the materials mix together freely and follow the natural fabric transformations into contemporary art and functional design objects. all objects are made only of cellulose-based materials, wholly organic, lightweight but stable and waterproof. the objects made of black matter material are long-lasting and sustainable, but after long use, the object materials could be separated, so the bio-plastic and organic fabric could be used again without creating any waste or environmental pollution


the name of this project came from a dark matter meaning, which is a hypothetical form of matter and means all components of the universe that are not visible but still obey, likewise black matter project where the viewer can not see separate ingredients, but only observe the whole object as a same material and follow the natural transformation processes

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