research and development of formaldehyde-free materials for building industry in collaboration with strato homes company

this project is a collaboration with a local company where I’m developing my toxic-free, recyclable, compostable, renewable and environmentally friendly adhesive recipies and adapting them to composite materials for decorative eco boards and acoustic eco panels. after 3 months of research, all the material prototypes are still testing, but later they will have a possibility to be scalable and to be used as new materials while designing eco-friendly houses and interiors as well as furniture and sustainable design products

decorative eco boards and acoustic eco panels are non-toxic, 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials made using pressing technology from a composite of sawdust/buckwheat hulls/hemp stems/hemp husks or other natural filler/porous materials and bound together using my own created bio-binders. the binders used in these boards do not contain any formaldehyde and are totally safe

boards can be used in place of wood particleboard or medium-density fiberboard, are perfect for wall coverings, cabinetry, furniture, and finished products in a variety of settings while sound-absorbing, lightweight organic material panels can vary in density and are a good material to use for insulation, acoustic panels or decorative boards in various interior design projects

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