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02_Online Shop_Lighting Object_Turmeric_Austeja Platukyte
03_Online Shop_Lighting Object_Turmeric_Austeja Platukyte
austeja platukyte
02_Online Shop_Lighting Object_Hibiscus_Austeja Platukyte
austeja platukyte
01_Online Shop_Lighting Object_Spirulina_Austeja Platukyte
austeja platukyte

| lighting objects collection

material design. experimental development of biodegradable objects

this research is a reinterpretation of biomaterials while creating bioplastiglomerate objects that will probably disappear in the future geological layers leaving no negative impact or synthetic man-made materials identity and could be an invisible example of a short period of positive human impact for the future species on Earth

these particular objects are made of only cellulosic materials - shaped by hands using recycled cellulose fiber mass and coated with cellulose-based bioplastic mixed with organic turmeric/spirulina/hibiscus & charcoal powder. the cellulose-based bioplastic makes the objects waterproof and protects them against possible damage, but still keep them organic and biodegradable. due to natural processes and micro-organisms, the objects will again become a part of nature, forming new material layers, and will cause no harm to the environment or other forms of life at all

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