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experimental research of site-specific materials 

the project was created at montemero art residency 2020, almeria, spain 


 in this research I explored the possibilities of natural materials and primitive technology while using only site-specific materials which were sourced from less than 100 meters radius around residency, to reflect the sustainability and show the natural beauty of unique local materials


during my stay at the residency, I explored our garden under which I found a cave with a lot of sand-clay material mixture which led me to explore the technology of the mud-brick processing. I was inspired by ancient organic materials, which had a plasticity property, used by the first people on Earth. in this research I had a chance to experiment with various natural materials to create these bricks, which were used in a land art installation. I made all the bricks by using primitive technology, such as body weight to mix and press, and natural sunlight to dry


an abstract object I created asks us to rethink the current relationship between humans and nature and express the ideas of biocentrism and ecocentrism, which ethically extend the intrinsic value of all living things and nature as a whole. the object also has a metaphorical meaning and invites us to create and build a home brick by brick for all of us, rather than collapse all the ecosystems on this planet, where all the inhabitants supposed to be equal. the biodegradable shelter constructed of mud-bricks was installed into wild nature where it can slowly incorporate with its own environment. in the near future it will be transformed by natural processes and eventually will decompose into new hybrid materials, coming back to different layers of the Earth, and could again become into new forms of art

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